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Information About the Chikmagalur District
Based in Karnataka, the Chikmagalur District is one of the greenest Districts, with high peaks and hills, full of tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations. But the Kadur Taluk (County), of which Birur is a part, being on a plateau is a misfit in this District, perennially drought stricken, and rain starved. Hence, the people are desperately in need of development for self-reliance. Water scarcity is the biggest affliction here, due to which hardly any regular or good crop is possible and health hazards are a plenty. While some of these people own land, extending from a quarter of an acre to 5 acres, most of them are landless agriculture laborers, depending on daily labor for their survival. The land being arid and rains scanty, these people struggle for their day-to-day livelihood. The land is entirely dependent on rain.

Map of the Chikmagalur District

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