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Service Area
SCS had been rendering service chiefly in the District of Chikmagalur, in 55 villages of the Kadur Taluk. But now, it has extended its service, especially under the joint Forest Program to villages in 28 Forest Ranges in the two Districts of Chikmagalur and Shimoga.

Activities Undertaken

Education in- Health, Hygiene, MCH, Nutrition, Savings, Legal, Political and Civic rights, Kissan (farm) Nursery, Joint Forest Planning and Management, Social Forestry, Watershed Management- Agri., Horti., Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Teaching school drop outs and non-school going children, Literacy, SHGs, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Naturopathy, Women's Rights, AIDS and Cancer awareness, Training to Gram Panchayath (local village government) Members, Shishuvikas kendras (creches), Coaching to school children, Loans and other Socio-Economic activities, Bio-diversity, Environmental Sanitation, etc.

Cooperation & Collaboration
SCS, is ever ready to cooperate and collaborate with any agency - non government as well as government - seeking cooperation and collaboration in its rural development effort. As it believes that any development has to be cooperative, combined, and participatory. SCS has been working closely with the Government Watershed Development, the Forest Department Programs and other government developmental programs.

People's Partnership with the Government
SCS ensures villagers partnership with the Govt.

  1. SCS helps villagers to get Government aid for development schemes. Because of the liaison and intervention of SCS, corruption and undeserving people getting government benefits through under- hand means, have lessened.
  2. Once the villagers are put in touch with Govt. agencies and start getting some help,
    Sri Christa Sharan encourages them to continue this relationship with the Government on their own. This prevents them from depending entirely on Christa Sharan.
  3. Most of the Govt.'s Welfare Schemes are a flop, because people are hardly involved
    in their planning and implementation. Govt. approach tends to be paternalistic.
    SCS educates and motivates people to cooperate with the Govt. and get themselves involved in their schemes and do an honest job with the Govt. money.
  4. From the Govt. SCS has received help for houses and toilets for the villages and it has completed the work with the involvement of people. SCS has been requested to train Volunteers and Teachers to teach literacy to the illiterate, and it has been doing this with great success.

Main Project 1: Watershed Project
In its efforts for the integrated and holistic development of people, SCS has learnt that the most important component to achieve this goal is development of the land on which their livelihood depends. The land is dry and almost completely non-arable, because there is hardly any rain. But, some times, the sudden rain outbursts cause terrible soil erosion. This is because forest and vegetation have been systematically destroyed both by avid business people and later, by hungry people to grow food on the thin soil. Hence, the only and the most efficient way to help our poor people is by soil conservation and water conservation through Silvi., Agri., Horti., Environment and Biodiversity development and Bio physical activities.

Main Project 2: Joint Forestry
To achieve the Project 1 above, it was necessary that not only soil erosion had to be stopped and maximum utilization of the scarce rains to be done, but also, to maximize rains, minimize soil erosion and enhance underground water, the meagre forests had to be conserved and plantation and new forests developed.
In this effort, SCS played a leading role and became the Umbrella Organization for a network of seven Rural Development Voluntary Organizations in the two Districts of Shimogaand Chikmagalur. In the past two years, it has rendered yeomen service in educating, motivating, and organizing rural people to form Village Forest Committees. And, jointly with the Karnataka Forest Department and the villagers, it has rendered great service in halting further forest land encroachments, reclaiming part of the lands encroached upon, minimizing wood smuggling and destruction of trees and arresting forest fires.

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