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Christa Sharan"Fr. Lobo, you are working for the development of the poor. Mother Theresa is also working for the poor. Well,  what is the difference between your work and that of Mother Theresa?" The University faculty asked me when I was studying in Nova Scotia, Canada. I humbly responded;. "If my work succeeds, India will have no need of a Mother Theresa. But, as of now, it needs a few thousands of Mother Theresas!."

THE OTHER SHEEP: I have been now a priest for forty  eight years. I have served in  parishes, schools,  and other insinuations, as Pastor, Chaplain, Teacher, Diocesan Director with various portfolios.. But, something always disturbed me. In all the above capacities, I served mostly the Catholics. "I have OTHER SHEEP  too, to whom I must go." These wordsof Christ disturbed me. What about these that did not know of Christ's love for them? What about the thousands and thousands of  illiterate, ignorant, called' low caste, untouchable, unhealthy, oppressed people, especially exploited Women and Children? Are not these the poor, Christ speaks of EVANGELISING? "The gospel is preached to the poor"
EVANGELISATION means preaching the Good News. But...
What is good news to the oppressed, the hungry, the sick, the ignorant, the illiterate and the weak and the homeless???……but liberation, food, health, knowledge, literacy, empowerment and shelter?

INSPIRATION Inspired by Christ, moved by the utter poverty of these people, fired by the glaring example of Blessed Mother Theresa, with the kind approval of my bishop, I left the comfort and security of my parish rectory, the joy of teaching smart boys and girls in schools and colleges, the happiness of being surrounded and loved by the parishioners, and dived into the deep ocean of poverty of every kind, physical, moral, social, financial and spiritual, to help the helpless to help themselves.

Christa Sharan MissionTo fulfill my mission, with a band of like minded people concerned for the poor, I registered the Sri Christa Sharan Social Development Society for Evangelising the poor through social development  and named it SRI CHRISTA SHARAN. Christa Sharan means, 'In the service of Christ' and "Christ at your service." Both are relevant.


STRUGGLE  FOR HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT:  The Sri Christa Sharan Society has been rendering in the past 29 years, selfless service to the most marginalized people, especially oppressed women and children.. It has been helping people with education in health, child care, maternal care, herbal and native medicine, yoga, literacy, savings, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, watershed development and management, animal husbandry, poultry farming, vermicluture, organic farming and very importantly, self esteem and self image specially in women. With help from people of good will, it has helped the poor with potable water facility, housing, a goat, a sheep, a cow or bull, a few rabbits, etc., Msgr. Coady of Canada had said: 'Give a man a fish; he would live for a day. But teach him to fish. He will live all his life.' We do not believe in doling out. We believe in developing the skills and capacities of a person and empowering her/him to be Self thinking, Self reliant, Self deciding and Self governing.

Missionary Sisters A community, especially a rural community can be educated only through women. "Educate a man, and a man is educated. Educate a woman, and a family is educated," goes an English saying. To educate women, women are the fittest. This is why this great, but hard work of Evangelisation through social development, has been carried on for the past 28 years, in  60 villages, the  people of which had never heard of Christ, before we went there ,by a band of selfless, lay , young women for the love of Christ. Some of these have served for   23 long years. Some have joined other organisations, or become nuns, or  have got married and are rendering great service in their parishes. There is still a band of these Lay Women Apostles, who neither want to get married, nor become nuns, but want to serve the poor all their life, remaining single for the love of Christ. Soon, it will be such bands of lay women apostles, I feel, that will have to carry on the work of Christ and His Church, as we may have very few priests and nuns as is already happening in the West.

SCHOOLING In these villages, where hardly any child, especially a girl child, went to school, we motivated them to go. From 5 to 10% that were attending school, now the number has gone to 80%, and we are proud to say that even the percentage of girls going to school has risen from 2 to 5% to 60 to 70%. Praise the Lord! Yet, there was the need for a really good school, especially for the village children. With great difficulty, we have started one. under the Sri Guru Christa Sharan Trust (Rgd), a branch of Christa Sharan. God be praised.! The name of the school is SRI GURU CHRISTA SHARAN VIDYALAY.

GOD, YOU AND CHRISTA SHARAN :It is only with your generous help, that Christa Sharan Society and Guru Sharan Trust can survive and do the work of Evangelisation through Social Development. It is only you that can help our School, our Village development Work and our LAY MISSIONARY SISTERS to survive and work.  Didn't our dear Lord say; "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me,'?  It is for these Women Apostles and their great work for Christ's poor, and the infant school that I seek your help.. These Women Apostles may one day be a MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST and be a congregation of Lay Women Missionaries! Wouldn't you help?

I know there are too many demands on your slender pockets. Hence I hesitate to ask for help. Yet, it is only you that can help this very very special and tough work for God's poor. He will be your DEBTOR and will repay you a thousand fold.! God love you! Do not hesitate to donate even very small amounts. All will be great in the eyes of God and our hearts.

Every morning and evening, you will be remembered in our prayer and Holy Mass in our Ashram.  Do not hesitate to ask us for prayers in your special needs, difficulties, illness, tensions and problems.   In turn, I request your prayer for me and my Mission, as well as our Missionary Sisters. Thank you.

With Love and Blessings, 
Guruji (Rev. Fr.) Joe Mary M. Lobo

Contact us through phone or e-mail. Phone: Office 00-91-8267- 255714 Ashram & Telefax 00-91-8267-255623  or
Any contribution can be made to: Christasharan Social Development Society or Sri Gurusharan Charitable Trust,  BIRUR 577 116, Chikmagalur Dt. India.

Bank Acc. Nos: Society : Foreign currency 
54020521326 (1480 old No.)
Indian currency:
  Trust: Foreign Currency:
54020521462 (Old No. 4799)
Indian Currecy:

Kindly write the correct and full address of the Bank, as  the
State Bank of Mysore, BIRUR, 577 116, India

Our costs are as follows:

A Social Development Worker; (8) US $ 100 P.M. US $ 1200 Per Annum
A Staff Member in our School (12) US $ 120 P.M. US $ 1440 Per Annum
A student US $ 20 P.M. US $ 240 Per Annum

Some of you might be interested in donating in kind or cash a particular item. We need furniture (Benches, Desks, Tables for the school), Lab equipment, education-equipment like a camcorder, computer machines for students, Tv. Set., Black and white boards for the class rooms, Over head projector, Projector, etc.

We are in great and urgent need of financial help for the construction of the school. May be, a few of you might donate a class room that might cost Ind. Rs One Lakh ( Us. $ 2250) The class room will be named after the donor. The names of those contributing Us.$600 or equivalent will be displayed on the school walls.

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